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Balinese cleansing Ceremony on the beach

Melukat: Purification of mind & spirit 

Melukat is one of the sacred rituals in Bali, which uses water as a cleansing tool. The purpose of the Melukat is to cleanse the body, mind, spirit, and soul to eliminate bad spirits, negative effects and to bring good fortune. It is believed that Melukat cures non-medical and spiritual diseases.

The Melukat Purifying Ceremony of White Palm takes place on Balangan beach.

For this ceremony, it is requested that you wear the traditional ceremonial sarong and a sash. We can help you and buy the traditional costume that you can keep as a souvenir. Otherwise, we can borrow the traditional attire (if available).

You will then be led through the experience by a Balinese priest who will start the ritual with a prayer to ask permission from the Gods in holding this ceremony. Incense and offerings will be placed on the sand where the ceremony will take place as an offering to the Gods. Then the purification will start and you will be asked to follow different rituals to throw off any past negative actions and traumas. Lastly, you will be requested to drink from the holy water at different steps a specific number of times, to cleanse your soul.

*Please Book at least 48 hours in advance

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