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Best Boutique Hotel and Resort in Uluwatu Bali

Eco-Friendly Boutique Hotel and Resort in Uluwatu, Bali

Discover the perfect Balinese getaway at White Palm Hotel Bali, the top-rated Eco-Boutique Hotel and Resort in Uluwatu Bali. Experience the ultimate eco-friendly and exclusive escape just a 2-minute walk from Balangan white sand beach. Nestled in a secluded area with lush vegetation, you can truly escape and enjoy the real Bali while being just 10 minutes away from the busy tourist places. 

White Palm features 8 private and exclusive thatched-roof bungalows with beds that are among the most comfortable where we guarantee you a comfortable and restful zzzzzzz sleep. Our 16m saltwater pool provides the most natural and eco-friendly pool experience to our guests. 


Indulge in an unforgettable culinary experience at our Coco Kitchen Restaurant, led by the talented Spanish Chef Asier Arroyo. We specialize in Fish & Seafood and our Chef's bespoke menu features the finest local organic and seasonal products, which he sources fresh from Balinese markets every day. Book Chef Asier in advance and allow him to craft a personalized menu tailored to your preferences, ensuring a unique dining experience that you won't soon forget.

Our team is always available to assist you with recommendations and will share our Guide to ensure you enjoy the best places in Uluwatu. At White Palm, we offer a wide range of tailor-made activities for you to experience on demand, making your stay with us unforgettable.


Experience sustainable luxury living with good vibes at White Palm Hotel - your ultimate Bali destination for an unforgettable human experience and Instagram-ready moments. Book now and indulge in an elegant, authentic, and relaxing holiday.

The health and safety of our guests are our top priority: COVID-19 updates and what to expect at our hotel.

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Our Rooms

White Palm features 8 private Alang-Alang thatched-roof bungalows, with a modern interior design that incorporates natural and local materials into traditional Balinese architecture. Our focus on providing exceptional comfort, attention to detail, and unique guest experiences is apparent in every aspect of our resort. With respect to the Balinese culture, White Palm was designed using Balinese Feng Shui principles rooted in spiritual Hindu beliefs.

At White Palm, your well-being is our top priority, and we believe it starts with a good night's sleep. That's why we guarantee you a sensational and restful sleep in our spacious beds (ranging from 1.80 to 2 meters), softest mattresses, fluffiest pillows, extra huggable duvets, and our 100% natural Coco Room fragrance.


Our goal is to stimulate all five senses and provide you with the best possible comfort in a calming atmosphere that helps you drift off into a restful bedtime experience.

As a result, White Palm is a harmonious Eco-Boutique Hotel Retreat that sets the foundation for infinite comfort, well-being, and stable energy in a cozy atmosphere.

Best Boutique Hotel and Resort in Uluwatu Bali
Coco Kitchen - Best Instagram hotel bali


At Coco Kitchen, we're proud to offer our guests an unforgettable culinary experience led by our talented Spanish-Basque Chef, Asier Arroyo. With more than 26 years of experience in Michelin-starred restaurants, hotels, and private clubs around the world, Chef Asier brings profound expertise and creativity to the table.

Our specialty is fish and seafood, and we pride ourselves on using only the freshest, local, organic, and seasonal products that change daily, based on what the sea and land offer us each day promoting a zero-waste kitchen and responsible waste management.  Chef Asier is a true artist, constantly refining and personalizing each dish to cater to your individual preferences, dietary restrictions, and what's available in the market that day.

If you'd like to experience a memorable dinner with Chef Asier, please be sure to book at least 48 hours in advance. Alternatively, his team of passionate and dedicated chefs, trained by Asier himself, will be happy to offer you our international comfort-style menu.

Coco Kitchen is a beautiful blend of Spanish simplicity, uniqueness, and Balinese flair. Our secret ingredients are pure passion, love, and a unique vision that aims to make people fall in love with food again. Join us at the Best Boutique Hotel and Resort in Uluwatu Bali and discover the culinary journey of a lifetime.



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Stephanie and Asier both fell in love with Bali, a place that captured their hearts with its natural beauty and vibrant culture.

Asier is Spanish from the Basque Country in Bilbao, Spain, He is a gifted culinary Chef Artist with an impressive 26-year career in Michelin-starred restaurants, hotels, and private clubs worldwide.  Bali became his home 20 years ago when he followed his heart to merge his love for surfing and cooking, where he has since opened more than 25 restaurants.

Stephanie, who is half French and half Dutch, was born in Cannes (France) and spent 10 years in China selling private jets in the Asia Pacific region. During her frequent surfing trips to Bali, Balangan Beach captured her heart and she fell in love with its stunning beauty. The White Palm story began when Stephanie discovered this breathtaking piece of land in Balangan. Stephanie decided to leave her career behind and moved to Bali in 2017 to fully dedicate herself to White Palm.

Upon arriving in Bali, Stephanie met Asier, and It was the start of their romantic journey together. They traveled to 11 countries together in less than 4 months and decided to continue the White Palm adventure together. Asier is the Bali expert and manages the kitchen, while Stephanie takes care of the interior design and marketing. After a few years, the couple happily welcomed their baby girl, Amaya, into their family.

Together, Stephanie and Asier decided to rock the traditional hotel industry by creating a unique and personalized concept that goes beyond the traditional hotel experience. The White Palm Team invite their guests to become part of the family, offering high attention to detail and service with a warm and friendly welcome.


White Palm is not only an Eco Boutique Hotel where sustainability meets luxury in the heart of Bali's natural wonders but a human experience based on sharing and good vibes.

Experience the best of Bali at White Palm - the ultimate boutique hotel for your next holiday. 

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