Coco Kitchen guests can anticipate an unforgettable culinary adventure. Led by Spanish Basque Chef Asier Arroyo, the passionate and dedicated kitchen team will create unique, contemporary International dishes from the finest of locally sourced seasonal ingredients.

Coco Kitchen Menu is full of local fresh products and changes daily based on sea and land that offer us new harvests each day. We specialized on products from the sea but also can offer vegetarian options or anything tailor made based on our guests preference. 

 Throughout the week, we travel hours into Balinese markets and farms where we work with the local community daily and where we harvest and source our colorful and exotic products.

Every single ingredient that we touch is deeply rooted within Balinese tradition. We use only sustainable fishing methods to ensure a thriving and healthy aquatic life.

Do not hesitate to BOOK CHEF ASIER if you want to experience a memorable diner with us.

He will cook special dishes or prepare a degustation menu based on your preferences and diet.

The rest of the time Asier Team will be cooking for you if you haven't book him. 


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+62 811 3979 269