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Art Therapy & Painting Classes

Welcome to the captivating world of our Artist, where Art and Therapy converge to create extraordinary experiences. She offers three different experiences: 


1- Through individual Art therapy sessions, embark on an inner journey to release buried pains, awaken creativity, and discover hidden treasures within. In a safe and judgment-free space, she helps transform wounds into meaningful artwork, facilitating healing and newfound inner harmony.


2- Additionally, she offers painting and drawing classes for both adults and children, where imagination and technique merge gracefully.


3- As an intuitive guide, she also utilizes Tarot and Oracle cards to provide enlightening guidance sessions, illuminating your most authentic path.


Whichever transformative path you choose, be prepared for a profoundly impactful experience—a magical dance between the soul and art.


Book your session now and be prepared for an experience that transcends the ordinary. Join her in this enchanting space where words fall silent and colors speak by themselves, where the pain is transformed into masterpieces, and dreams take shape.

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