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COOKING CLASS & Visit of The fish market

Book Chef Asier for a private COOKING CLASS!

See our "Foodie" Culinary Experience Package here.

Experience a private cooking class with Chef Asier and unlock the secrets of his finest cooking techniques acquired through 26 years of experience in Michelin-starred restaurants...

The adventure begins with a bike or car ride to Jimbaran's vibrant local vegetable and fish market, where you'll learn how to select the freshest fish. Asier will provide insights and anecdotes from his 20 years living in Bali. he will share insights on products, their health benefits, and the cooking methods of each ingredient.

Tailor-made to your preferences, the class offers a range of options, from mastering various fish cooking techniques, creating flavorful sauces, and making impressive food presentations to preparing traditional Balinese dishes, colorful sambal with spices, authentic Spanish paella and sangria, or becoming a sourdough bread-making master.

Cooking classes offer a unique opportunity to bring a piece of your holiday home with you for a lifetime.

*Book a minimum of 48 hours in advance to secure your spot.

See our "Foodie" Culinary Experience Package here.

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