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diving & snorkeling
in Bali


The best Bali snorkeling sites are on the East side of the island.

There the sea is calm with vibrant coral reefs close to the shore in shallow water offering perfect conditions to explore the underwater world. Put on a mask and snorkel and marvel at the amazing world beneath the waves and crystal-clear water, ready for an exalted adventure.


If you have ever dreamed of swimming with mantas, book your day boat trip to Nusa Penida and get impressed by these imperial creatures, dancing around you in full safety. Don't miss your chance to experience this incredible adventure!


If you want to push your limits, you can learn how to dive with qualified instructors.  They will teach you to master the basic techniques of scuba diving such as communicating, gear monitoring, breathing underwater, to be able to swim with tropical fishes in the middle of colorful corals.


If you have already dived in the past the instructor will refresh up the basics and bring you to the best diving spots in Bali based on the weather & sea conditions to be able to dive in complete safety.  


This experience will take you on a deep dive into your soul. Marvel at this magical spectacle several meters below sea level.

*Book a min 48 hour in advance

Subject to availability

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