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MEDITATION in balangan Bali

Would you like to start your day with meditation?

Learn how to cultivate a mindful and relaxing personal practice rooted in ancient Balinese traditions, which will guide you toward true inner peace and wellness.

We use the powerful 21-day Abundance Meditation experience by Deepak Chopra to support you in developing the habit of abundance. The objective is to gain a better understanding of yourself and to change or clarify your beliefs and attitudes.

On request, we will send you the following every day:

  • A 5-minute affirmation of the day

  • A 10-minute Deepak Chopra meditation audio file

  • A published task for you to complete during the day (we recommend using a notebook to record your task).

This process is an opportunity for you to learn how to allocate time for yourself and your personal growth every day, leading to an amazing journey.

Feel free to ask us on WhatsApp to receive your complimentary meditation audio and start your day with gratitude, peace, and serenity during your stay at White Palm.

Bonus: You can keep the meditation audio for a lifetime and use it again at home.

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