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paragliding in Bali

Experience a lifetime memory and fly like a bird!

What to expect?

Paragliding is fun, safe and it's beautiful! The scenery is breathtaking, you will fly over the most beautiful area of Bali in the Bukit Peninsula Southernmost part with incredible cliffs, white sand beach, turquoise sea, waves breaking over the coral reefs with surfers ridding them, and even fly over the Uluwatu temple. Once in the air, you will be surprised by how quiet and peaceful the experience is.

Flight & Safety

To ensure optimal flight conditions weather forecasts will always be review before each flight. The takeoff and landing are slow and smooth, and the flight cruise, at low speed, making it very safe and allowing pilots to have more control and better response time to secure the flight. The center takes the security level very seriously and provide helmets, emergency parachute, and fly with internationals, experienced and licensed instructors. They also claim to be the one and only paragliding provider in Bali that works with an insurance company that protects all their customers with personal insurance.

How does it work?

Tandem flights are the easiest way to enjoy the sky without having to learn to fly. A Tandem flight uses a large enough wing that is able to hold two people (the pilot and the passenger). Each using their own harness, which is attached together, with the passenger in the front, and the pilot right behind. Once everything is ready to take off you will be asked to run a few steps and you will find yourself flying in the sky full of adrenaline admiring the wonderful nature with a unique view you will remember for a lifetime.

Available when weather conditions are good. Ask us if you need more details.

*Book a min 48 hour in advance

Subject to availability and weather forecast

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